If you have unique medication needs, you should consider consulting an expert in a compounding pharmacy. As implied, compounding is the process through which a pharmacist uses specific active ingredients to create a customised or personalised drug. The goal is to prepare a drug that matches an individual's needs. This option is beneficial if you are not comfortable with mass-produced drugs on the market due to your physical condition, medical history or personal taste. If you are planning on making your compounded drug purchase, consider these precautions for the best results.

Discuss Delivery Concerns

You should discuss your concerns about the delivery system for the needed drug. Compounding provides an opportunity to choose medicine in your preferred format. Therefore, you should not be afraid to make inquiries. For instance, some people have a needle phobia and cannot bear the use of syringes. If this is your case, you can inquire if your medication can be provided in the form of a capsule or tablet. If you are getting medicine for your child or an elderly person, they might find pills challenging to swallow. You can have the compounding pharmacist concoct syrup.  

Consider Adverse Reaction

It is important to have details on potential adverse reaction to certain compounds when purchasing compounded medicine. In simple terms, a lot of mass-produced medicines have some ingredients which can trigger allergies in some people. If you tend to react to any type of food or general compound, you should inform your pharmacist. For instance, a lot of drugs use gluten compounds as fillers. If you have a bad gastrointestinal reaction to this food material, you can have the filler left out of the medicine. Some drugs might also have lactose elements. If you have intolerance, you can have these excluded.

Think about Tastiness

If you or your loved one cannot keep up with taking your medicine because of the unpleasant taste, you should think about improving its palatability. This problem is common with kids. Most children cannot stand the bitter taste of medicine. A lot of adults also consciously and unconsciously skip doses because of the bad medicinal taste. If this is a concern, you should inquire about the options for making the drugs a little more 'appetising'. For instance, it is possible to include sugar or fruity flavours like strawberry, cherry or cotton candy in the medicine.

Compounding medication is the perfect choice for patients who cannot handle regular drugs. For the best experience, you should remember to present your concerns and preferences clearly.

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