If your child has been prescribed azathioprine, which is commonly used to treat bowel disease, you'll know it can be difficult to administer the optimum dosage. Azathioprine comes in tablet form and is only available in a few different strengths. This drug is cytotoxic, so it's not safe to break the tablets and administer half or quarter tablets. Additionally, kids can find it difficult to swallow tablets, and both parent and child can come to dread the battle that ensues when medication time rolls around.

So, what can be done to improve medication compliance and ensure your child gets the right dose of this drug? You can have your child's azathioprine prescription filled by a compounding pharmacy. This specialist service enables some prescription drugs to be altered to meet the needs of the patient without changing the concentration of the active ingredient in the medication. Here are two ways your child's azathioprine prescription can be improved:

A Child-Friendly Form

A compounding pharmacist can convert standard azathioprine tablets into an oral solution, enabling your child's gastroenterologist to make incremental changes to their dosage until your child is taking just the right amount of azathioprine to manage their condition. This can prevent your child experiencing side effects from taking a little too much of the medication or experiencing a flare-up of symptoms because their dose is too low. An oral solution also tends to be easier for kids to swallow, and it can be given to your child on a spoon or in a small syringe.

The Use Of Flavouring

Who actually enjoys taking medicine? The difference between drug compliance in adults and children often comes down to adults understanding the implications of not taking their medication. For children, lack of compliance tends to come down to them not enjoying taking the medication. Adding flavouring to oral azathioprine can turn medication time into something your child enjoys. There are a variety of fruit flavours for your child to choose from, such as cherry and strawberry, and the flavouring syrups are sugar-free. You should never add flavouring yourself at home, as you can dilute the concentration of the medication.

Compounding pharmacies tend to be busy, as they are less prevalent than standard pharmacies. Your doctor can give you details of the compounding pharmacy in your local area, and you can speak to their specially trained pharmacist if you have any queries before using them to fill your child's prescription.